Our way

Our user-centered approach is based on Design Thinking including four core components.


The User is the center of our work and thinking. What are his wants, needs, secret, dreams?
Our approach is to really get to know the user – in his natural environment, the way he works, thinks, interacts, is. This approach enables us to generate products that make the user say:
This is exactly what I always needed!


The technology is our everyday tool.
As an emerging technology Augmented Reality (AR) holds a lot of opportunities.
Our ambition is to identify current and future possibilities, chances and challenges. Our mission is to use AR in the best way to satisfy all stakeholders.


Prototyping is a central part of our work.
Through prototyping we bring the user and the technology together.
Our prototypes especially focus on the evaluation of use cases and iteratively find the solutions that fulfils the user’s needs.


The concept is the outcome of our work.
Results of prototype testing are brought together with knowledge about users and technology.
Our goal is to develop your company’s way of implementing AR and to bring the user, AR and your company together.

our way
our way



PrismAR is an owner-managed consulting agency specialized in the implementation of
Augmented Reality into new and existing businesses. Our core value is to put user needs as the top priority.
Through iterative AR prototype tests, we develop and evaluate appealing solutions. We work closely together with our customers to develop product strategies that live, breathe and grow.