About augmented reality

“It will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, kind of how we wonder how we live without our phone today.”
Tim Cook, Ceo of Apple


about augmented reality

Virtual Reality

While VR is limited to the boundaries of digitality, AR gives you the freedom of the real world enhanced with whatever digital input you desire.

about augmented reality

Augmented Reality

AR enhances your real world perception with virtual elements like text, sound or even lifelike three-dimensional holograms.

about augmented reality

Use cases

Listing all use cases would be a never-ending task as there are infinite possibilities. Like a smartphone, everyone will use it in his very own personal way.

about augmented reality


AR poses a completely new way of experiencing digital content. It enables you to interact with holograms as naturally as you are used to with real world problems.



PrismAR is an owner-managed consulting agency specialized in the implementation of
Augmented Reality into new and existing businesses. Our core value is to put user needs as the top priority.
Through iterative AR prototype tests, we develop and evaluate appealing solutions. We work closely together with our customers to develop product strategies that live, breathe and grow.